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Red Lamps Perform at Brighton Fringe Festival

28 May 2019

On 21st May 2019 ‘The Red Lamps’, a music band comprising of three young people from Seymour Department and three from Hanbury Department in Chailey Heritage School, got together to perform in front of a live audience in the Brighton Pavilion Gardens as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival.

They used soundbeam technology, which uses ultrasonic beams. These invisible ultrasonic beams came out of the red lamps, which the young people interrupted and intercepted using different movements – some used an arm gesture and one even used his mouth to make the sounds! We had a backing track and over the top we performed our own music using the soundbeams to improvise a musical piece.

Four young people had a soundbeam each (playing the sounds of a piano, xylophone, saxophone and trumpet), one had two switches to press to activate the technology (playing the sounds of an oboe and violin) and another went ‘retro’ by playing the wind chimes.

We started by introducing each musician and hearing them play individually. The beauty of the soundbeam is that each young person could make music all by themselves, which meant that they were in charge of the music they created. It sounded great – and from the smiles on the faces of the young people and of everyone listening, it certainly was great! Everybody seemed to enjoy being there and the smiles and the positive energy was palpable. One member of the public actually said she happened to be passing and she was glad she had stopped as she felt it was the best thing in the Festival!

Many thanks to everyone who made this performance possible – not only the wonderful young people who worked so hard to entertain us, but also Yvonne, our Music Teacher, who started the rehearsals, organised the venue, parking and registration of the event, Martin who acted as our sound technician, the TAs who supported the young people, the minibus drivers, the Marketing department who took lots of lovely photos for us all to share and a special thanks to the wonderful Pavilion Gardens Cafe who not only let us use their electricity, but fed and watered us making us feel so very welcome.

It was such a wonderful experience. Everyone felt very proud to be part of Chailey Heritage Foundation!

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