Preparing for Chailey Lights

27 November 2020

Our activity coordinators are organising a light trail around Chailey Heritage Foundation in December as our residents may not be able to visit Glow Wild this year.

In preparation for 'Chailey Lights' the bungalows were asked if they could help by decorating some jars using glitter, paint and tissue paper. The activity coordinators, Rosie and Steve thought that each bungalow may be able to supply 5 jars which would really help.

On Monday morning, Steve had a call from one of the bungalows asking if he wanted to collect some jars that they had decorated over the weekend.

That bungalow decorated 100 jars!  Yes 100....Senior Support Worker, Amy put a request on social media to ask if anyone had any clean jars that could be used and the result was amazing.

The bungalow took some incredible photographs of their young people having lots of fun and the video with Lauren and Tina helping Katie decorate a jar is a joy to watch.

Thank you for such an brilliant effort!

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