Hydrotherapy Pool Upgrades

14 Oct 2018

Over the summer holidays we have carried out works on our pool to ensure its longevity and to ensure it will continue to run at optimal performance.

We have had a new air handling unit installed, this will help us regulate the air and water temperatures, keeping them at our ideal range, to ensure the comfort for all of those who use the pool and the changing facilities.

A new plant room has been installed with the latest equipment, including a UV filter, this will keep the water cleaner, meaning less chemicals are used to keep the water at operational levels. It has also reduced our turn over time, which means if we have an incident and the pool needs to be closed, we are able to reopen much quicker whilst ensuring the water levels are correct and safe to swim in.

The poolside showers have been adjusted as well. With the entrances opened up and expanded, to avoid anyone having to queue or wait to get into the showers, before or after their swim. With entrances for each of the four poolside showers, this is to aid everyone and ensure people can get in and out nice and quickly.

We have also had new doors installed, leading into the aquatics area and onto poolside. Our aim has been to increase the longevity of our pool and all of the components, the new doors help keep the temperature at the right levels and also provide a nice view into pool.

The Aquatics team are very excited for the new term and school year and whilst the majority of the work is unable to be seen, the improved plant room and air handling unit are vital to the running of the pool and the improvements will ensure pool usage can be maximsed with downtime reduced to a minimum throughout the year.

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