Paper Aeroplane Champions

18 September 2020

One of the activities that our residential young people took part in this week was making and flying a paper aeroplane. Steve, the children's home Activity Co-ordinator, set up a challenge and points were gained by flying the paper aeroplane a certain distance or by landing them into some targets.

On the flying days there was a great deal of wind around and it really was a challenge! Some bungalows arrived with their own aeroplanes and Steve had made additional planes to fly.

Each bungalow had lots of time to practice and then had 30 throws to gain as many points as possible.

It was great fun, we had planes doing tricks when they were supposed to fly straight and some really great throws.

At the end, when the points were counted, the winners of this mini competition were Chestnut Bunglaow with a total of 2300 points. Brambles came a very close second with 2150 points.

Well done, Chestnut!

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