Far From a Flat Day

7 Mar 2019

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the students of Seymour and St. Martin’s celebrated the day with plenty of sensory activities.

The activities in Seymour included an exploration of toppings using their senses; tasting sweet and savoury toppings, feeling different pancake textures and learning new signs.

After this Ellie, a student who particularly enjoys taking part in sport, organised for the department to hold a relay pancake flipping race. Students split into three groups and raced each other, complete with pancake flips mid-race.

Over in St Martin’s, the children worked with the staff to make some delicious pancakes. It was a great sensory experience allowing the young people to smell different toppings, listen to the whisks turning and flip the pancakes when they were finished.

Check out the students in action!


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