Hanbury Kayaking Adventure

14 Sep 2018

We had a wonderful day sailing and kayaking at Bewl Water Outdoor Centre in Kent this week!

Eight young people from Hanbury experienced going in a sailing boat and a kayak on the lake –for most of them this was a first time experience and for all of them we feel (from looking at their faces) that it was an experience of a lifetime!

The staff at the centre could not have done more to support us – they were kind, caring and determined to give us the best day ever – and they did! Getting our young people in and out of the sailing boat was a massive job but it was done with a lakeside hoist and lots of goodwill! It was quite a windy day so the kayak had to be rescued, but that just added to all the fun!

Have a look at everyone’s faces in the photos!

Also……without realizing it………each young person made achievements on their Next Steps, which ranged from wearing a new neck collar to support the head in the midline, to indicating responses, vocalizing, visually alerting to new stimuli (mainly the bright sailing gear!), communicating and being with new people.

A great day! 

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