Joyful Harmonica Ensemble perform for staff and young people at Chailey Heritage

17 Jan 2019

On Friday 11th January the young people and staff at Chailey Heritage foundation were treated to performances by the Joyful Harmonica Ensemble as part of their UK wide tour.

Joyful Harmonica Ensemble are a group of disabled musicians originally from the Daegu Sungbo School in Korea. The school encourages their students to become more involved in the cultural and arts industries by providing them opportunities to perform at a variety of venues. The members of Joyful Harmonica Ensemble play various types of harmonicas, such as tremolo or chord harmonicas to create a beautiful harmony.

Following one performance Chailey Heritage School pupil Archie was able to show the group how, using the vent from his venilator, he too can play the harmonica.

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