Structured Sensory Art Project

29 March 2019

Joanna Grace, founder of the Sensory Projects came to Chailey Heritage School to run an Inset day on Mental wellbeing for our pupils. As part of that she spoke about a sensory art project that she ran in a special needs school.

We are currently doing an iteration of the Structured Sensory Art Project in St Martin's Chapel. Teachers Amy and Julie have trialed the project with their classes and have run a teachers meeting for staff, the hope is that all classes will have a chance to be ‘Artists.’

The project takes the form of 5 sections: Settling into the space phase, the waking up the senses phase, the Mindfulness phase, Creating phase and Sharing and Celebrating phase. The idea is that the young people are given as much independence as possible to produce their own artwork, the adults acting only as facilitators in a calm space linked with music.

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