Holly Excels in Dressage

13 Nov 2018

Holly has ridden at school since she was very young and needed a new challenge in order to continue progressing. Just over a year ago, she moved onto our larger horse, Todd, and began using reins to steer and stop him. This required increased balance as she was no longer able to use her hands. It increased her core strength so she could stop and turn while holding the reins.

In the past, Holly would always have someone to lead the horse. Having increased in confidence and ability over the last year, she has pushed us to find new and engaging activities that would challenge her mentally and physically.

Michele has assisted Holly to learn and practice the Pony Club ‘Walk and Trot Dressage test’ with the goal for her to complete it without being led and with minimal assistance to remember it all. The last Tuesday before half term she was filmed doing just that (see below).

She rode the test mostly from memory with some minor prompting and supervision, but was thrilled to complete it. As a team, we have all seen her physical progress over the last year and thoroughly enjoy seeing the pleasure she gets from riding the ponies. We look forward to getting her back in the saddle as soon as a slot becomes available again! 

- Nicki, Melissa & Michele, Riding Team


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