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Halloween Treasure Hunt

04 November 2020

How’s your sense of direction? Do you get lost easily, or do you stick to the paths? Can you follow a compass and instructions, or does the map go out of the window?

Last week for the Halloween treasure hunt, the young peoples’ skills were put to the test. Not quite orienteering or map reading, but using a compass to follow directions around the site to lead them to the treasure! Through wind and rain, each group battled the elements and persevered, finding each of the pumpkin buckets with the next clue. Rounding the final corner brought the revelation that the treasure was in the Dream Centre's Immersive Space! But it was looking a bit different. There were spiders’ webs, skull balloons and a creepy box in the corner lit by a UV light. The room was filled with the Ghostbusters theme playing and a voiceover challenging the group to ‘open their treasure...if they dare’!!

The box was hiding a wrapped gift and a light sensory toy for each young person, which were a massive hit. Lucy was keen to rip the wrapping off, revealing a box of celebrations - YUM! The freaky pumpkin and haunted house projections along with the music and the light toys facilitated an impromptu disco for a few of the groups as the young people explored their toys, some of which didn’t just light up, but vibrated as they discovered when holding them next to the metal on their wheelchairs.

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