Checking In with H2

20 May 2020

One of the classes from Hanbury, our department for older school pupils, wanted to share some news on their recent activities. Take a peek at what the students from H2 have been up to during lockdown, both on site and at home.

1 – Darcy has been maintaining her riding muscles and posture and enjoying rides on Robot Todd at home.

2 and 3 – Craig has been doing lots of cooking at home and also has a few new additions to the house! He has been keeping an eye on his growing caterpillars and hoping to have butterflies in the next couple of weeks. Check out his blog!

4 and 5 – Betty has been making the most of the warm weather and using a hot tub in the garden. She will also be going ‘down under’ as she, her family and carers create an Australia experience in her home. Read Betty's blog 

6 – Oliver has been taking it easy at home, spending time with his family. He has had time in the garden, enjoys a swim each day and has been riding around on the back of Dad’s tractor trailer.

7 and 8 – Ryan has been working with staff on site completing different activities. He has walked around the riding area to spell and create words and has also been sentence building with familiar words.

9, 10 and 11 – Issy has been getting in as much driving practice as possible and even recreated the drive she would have taken to family for her 18th birthday as her Mum prepared obstacles on the driveway. After all that driving there’s always time for enjoying chocolate too! She's also been getting creative with hand and foot painting.

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