Futures’ Music Making

05 May 2020

Many of our young people at Futures really enjoy music, whether that’s listening to it, dancing to it- or creating it. The group music therapy sessions at the Life Skills Centre unfortunately can’t run at the moment because of the lockdown, but we’ve previously enjoyed sessions with Creative Note who facilitate groups on Mondays and Fridays. Young peoples’ decisions are celebrated, as they might choose to stay quiet with pauses or communicate by musical response, and using their voices. This particular session happened inside Chailey’s St Martin’s Chapel, complete with fantastic acoustics and its beautiful ceiling. It doesn’t look like anyone chose to stay quiet this time!

Many of us are disappointed at various live musical events being cancelled, Futures’ young people also had lots of gigs and performances lined up. Some venues are bringing live music to us, like the Royal Albert Hall, where several groups have seen BBC Proms performances. #RoyalAlbertHome ranges from story telling sessions to well known musical acts, click the hashtag to find out more.

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