Students Cook Up Flan-tastic Treat

7 Apr 2019

The young people in Liz and Bev’s class at Chailey Heritage School made a rather delicious berry flan last week. This flan could be sliced or pureed – or (as Max demonstrated) you could just eat the fruit pureed with the mascarpone and yoghurt filling. 

Our young people used switches attached to a power box to operate the blender and they were able to fully explore the ingredients by smelling, feeling and tasting - yum! Teetee, who had demonstrated a liking for marmite the day before, showed us that he was not so keen on tasting the sweet filling. He’s showing us that he is more of a savoury boy!

All our cooks on the day were able to taste the flan and some of the other young people were able to have the rest as one of their choices of pudding at lunch time.

Sponge flan base
Mascarpone cheese
Strawberry yoghurt
Tinned summer fruits in syrup
Fresh fruits for decoration

After exploring absolutely all the ingredients, blend the fruits to a puree (keeping the syrup). Mix together with the mascarpone and yoghurt. Fold in the fruit and drizzle with syrup. Enjoy your yummy treat!

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