Digital Spotlight

04 May 2020

Who? - Gemma

Gemma travels all the way from the Worthing area to have dedicated 1:1 eye gaze sessions with ICT Activity Co-ordinator Paul, and has been attending the Life Skills Centre since January 2019.

What has been achieved?

Gemma has made excellent progress in her independent use of eye gaze technology. Prior to lockdown she was a regular 1:1 visitor to the Life Skill Centre enjoying weekly sessions.

Focussing for extended periods of time and maintaining her body in the same place is challenging for Gemma but, over the time she been coming to the Life Skills Centre, she has shown great improvement in her abilities and can now use the eye gaze consistently to make choices and decisions about what to watch or which games she would like to play.

With specialist support we have been exploring the possibility of expanding Gemma's ability to communicate with her carers and we hope that in the future this will increase the number of things she can do independently.

Well done, Gemma! We look forward to welcoming you back to carry on with all the great work you have done so far.

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