Bungalow Bake Off

09 October 2020

We decided to have a 'Bake Off' challenge for our Children's Home Bungalows.  Firstly we asked the young people and staff of each bungalow for ideas for the bake off and Steve, the Activity Co-ordinator, took the numerous ideas to some of the social care staff to decide which one should be the first in this challenge.

It was decided that to begin with, a Victoria Sponge cake was the one to make.  

Each bungalow decided on the look they wanted and this week started to bake.

The young people had a lot of fun making these and made sure they were mixed using specially designed switches to be able to operate the mixer.

When Steve went to look at them he was amazed! They looked fantastic!

When Camelia's cake was sliced, it had multi-coloured layers inside. Brambles cake was light and fluffy and Chestnut's cake had an amazing Halloween-themed decoration.

A slice was taken to social care and three independent judges were chosen to judge the cakes. They took some time and it really was very similar to the television program with discussions on design, how it was cooked, and the different taste sensations that they had. The judges also looked at images of the complete cake and our young people being involved in the process.

In the end, the 3 judges were all in agreement and one cake really stood out for them.  According to the judges, it was presented beautifully and tasted amazing.  In fact they awarded it 9 out of 10 for both looks and taste!

It was a really close contest, they all looked and tasted so different, but there was a winning cake and that cake was baked by.....


Well done, Brambles!


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