Bolnore Village Primary School Assembly

24 Sep 2018

Meriel Green and Paula Marten were invited to Bolnore Village Primary School to meet with their infant and junior pupils.

Meriel and Paula gave an assembly to both groups in which they taught the children about the similarities, as well as the differences, between their school, and Chailey Heritage School. They also talked about Patchwork Farm – which was of huge interest to the children! Lots of the children knew a little bit about Chailey Heritage already, and they had plenty of questions. Both Meriel and Paula were really impressed with the insightful answers from some of the pupils, to their questions, about how disability can affect individuals and the kinds of challenges it can present. Many of the children asked questions about the animals on the Farm…!

The children were given the chance to learn some Makaton, which they all enjoyed. It is hoped that Bolnore Village Primary School will want to come and visit the Farm very soon; discussion is under way to make this happen!

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