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Bertie's Trip to the Headteacher's Office

20 May 2020

I wonder what surprise was waiting for Bertie in the office of our headteacher, Mr Yates. Let's find out... 

Yesterday was a jellybean day for Bertie. He was wearing a Bertie Botts Every-Flavour Jellybean t-shirt. When I visited his class in the morning he asked me to find my favourite flavour bean. There was a chilli one, so of course I chose that. Bertie was interested in the idea of me liking chillies, so I told Helen and Lucy that they should bring Bertie for a visit to my office for a surprise. None of them had been to the headteacher’s office before (they’re not naughty enough!). They spent ages looking at all the different labels and Bertie loved it and so did I!

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