Visit to Beech Hurst

06 April 2019

Liz and Bev’s class at Chailey Heritage School had a lovely outing to Beech Hurst Gardens and meal at the Harvester in Haywards Heath. It was such a warm day and the young people were able to walk all around the gardens, feel the sunshine, smell the flowers and hear the birds. Some of the young people were able to access the play equipment in the park!

Inside Harvester, Teetee enjoyed a taste of marmite (you either love it or you hate it!) and after a cup of tea, Max crouched down and looked out of the big windows. This turned into such a fabulous interactive experience as a toddler nearby was curious as to what Max was doing and so she got down from her table and stood near him, looking at him all the time. Max seemed aware that she was looking and turned towards her. Every now and then he looked directly at her, and she back at him. This was integration at its best!

Yet again the staff at Harvester were extremely helpful and kind, and it was great to encourage our young people to get out and about somewhere in the local community to enjoy new experiences.

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