Two Danish Guests Visit Hanbury

20 January 2020

Today, Helen D was joined by two Danish guests who visited Hanbury. Asgerbo is a care worker who also works for an organisation called Handisex, which delivers quality sex education to adults with a range of disabilities. Louise is the head of a special school in Denmark; Levuk in Hillevod, and has a special interest in Relationship and Sex Education. The guests took part in a student Q and A, a Star Wars multisensory session with Carol, a massage and mindfulness session with Michelle, and shared the stories 'Poppy's Private Time' and 'Pippa's Period' with Helen and some students. So, quite a full day! They also managed to fit in a tour with Keelie! They both loved their day with us and said that they were struck with how staff gave that much 'more' in their work than they have to and that Chailey is very 'progressive'. They went off 'buzzing with thoughts and ideas', ready for a busy weekend in Brighton before heading back to Denmark.

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