Tri Bungalow Tournament

07 September 2020

Tri Bungalow Tournament

Eight months ago Steve, the activity co-ordinator for Camelia, Chestnut and Brambles residential bungalows, decided that it would be a great idea to start a Tri Bungalow Tournament.

This tournament would involve many activites and the young people and bungalows staff would try their hardest to get as many points as possible for each activity.

It was started in September 2019 with a treasure hunt, followed by other competitions such as, best minion cake, best christmas decorations in the bungalow and a series of Elf on the Shelf mini challenges.

Before the next challenge started, lockdown restrictions were put in place due to Covid 19. To keep the challenge going Steve was given an idea from a member of staff and in June each bungalow could gain valuable extra points by completing activities that were set weekly, seven activities each week. Some activites were worth extra points but each activity counted.

The activity only counted towards the tournament if two photographs were sent of a young person taking part in the activity. This new way of gaining extra points was a chance for any bungalow to win the challenge!

Out of 56 activities to earn points, in the end, it was very close. Four activities separated the winner from second place.

And the winners are...Brambles bungalow!

Well done, Brambles! What a bunch of stars you are! 

Brambles received a new voice-activated bubble machine with bubble liquid to last all year, a winners cup with their name engraved, and a large blow up winners cup. And of course some Heroes chocolates!

Congratulations to Brambles for winning the 2019 – 2020 Tri Bungalow Tournament.

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