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Project ‘Crash Bandicoot’

06 November 2020

For Christopher's new art project we began by looking at images of pixelated art. Christopher liked this style and wanted to create one of his favourite characters from Playstation, Crash Bandicoot. The only criteria; he wanted the piece to be life size and to be able to be displayed in his new home. 

He managed to find an image that he was pleased with. This could be interpreted in the way Christopher would like, but also achievable. We then set about the challenge of how to create it.

Using Christopher's specifically hand made adapted tools he was able to use acyrilic paint to roller sheets of paper in the exact colour shades as Crash.

After deciding on the size of Crash, dried painted sheets were then cut to 3x3 squares. Christopher did this by using the guillotine, attaching a handle to the cutting part and then worked with his support workers to cut the strips into squares.

The MDF board was kindly donated. The 3x3 squares were then drawn onto the board so each painted piece had a place to go in relation to the image. This was really helpful in showing Christopher each square and what colour was needed where. 

Christopher was then able to work with his support worker to glue the squares where needed, as well as with a dry roller to go over the squares to make sure they were stuck.

Every session a few rows were completed. Crash slowly came to life!

The finished piece was then varnished to seal it. Christopher also wanted his piece to be cut out, which I think you would agree has really added to the pixelated design.

Christopher has already started on his next pixelated piece, another character from Crash Bandicoot called Aku. This one may even be bigger!

Fantastic work, Christopher! And well done to his support worker, Phil Gough. They really work well together as a team!

Well done, Christopher, for pushing yourself and being open to trying new techniques.

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