Natasha’s Latest Project

04 June 2020

Natasha is a resident at our Futures department here at Chailey Heritage Foundation. She regularly attends art sessions at the Life Skills Centre.

Natasha’s latest project is based upon an evening out a few months ago when she went to a nightclub in Brighton.

Natasha created her own interpretation of that evening; the night time, the sparkle and the lights.

To begin with she used the computer to choose images that best visually described her evening out.

Natasha has a really great sense of colour and fabric combinations. She chose all of the fabrics that she thought reflected this night. She then used the sewing machine to sew the pieces together. Natasha then painted a canvas for the background of her sewn pieces, to which her fabrics were glued.

Adapted tools were created for Natasha so she could access the equipment and participate at every possible stage.

The finished piece was then photographed in the sensory room using all of the coloured lights to get that nightclub feel. We then looked at the images on the overhead projector and they looked amazing!

For Natasha’s next session she may wish to choose some of her images and enhance them on the computer so they can be part of the Dream Centre's upcoming art exhibition. They will look great within the exhibition on a large scale. Natasha is always willing to try new techniques and experiment with her artwork.

Fantastic work, Natasha!

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