Staff Marathon Team Get Set

12 March 2020

We recently met with Laura and Sashka who are support workers at Chailey Heritage. In just over a month, they are taking part in the Brighton Marathon, alongside their colleague Karen.

Both staff regularly work night shifts in the bungalows, they rarely work together but are still managing to support each other during their marathon training and are hoping to go on a run together soon.

They have both had a marathon on their bucket lists for a while, and Laura said she’s definitely “aiming for survival, not timing”. The marathon is Sashka’s first sponsored run, but she’s run some 10K’s in the past, while Laura has run two half marathons before. Both are enjoying the training and are determined to continue running afterwards.

Juggling marathon training between shifts and family life has been tricky for both, but as Chailey Heritage staff, they feel committed to taking on the challenge as they “will first hand see the effects of where the money raised goes” and “there is no point in doing it if it isn’t for a good reason”.

We wish them lots of luck in their training and we will be cheering them on, on the day.

If you would like to support their fundraising, please see their Just Giving pages: Sashka; Laura

Also, if you would like to get involved with any challenges in support of Chailey Heritage Foundation or to find out more, please take a look at our Fundraising Events Calendar.

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