Make It!

10 August 2020

One of the most important parts of the art sessions at the Life Skills Centre is making the activities accessible for everyone. These very simple tools have been made just by using items of packaging and masking tape. You may have similar or different materials that could be used in this way.

You could adapt the tools depending on the young person, for example if they prefer sound and noise-related items or textured, softer materials. The above tool is filled with bells and plastic balls.

Or, they could be cut short enough to be used directly in front of them on their tray. You can also extend the handle piece so that it touches the ground.

Then, just dip them in poster paint and enjoy!

Here are some other examples of adapted personalized tools made in the art room. These were specifically made for Christopher, who finds it more comfortable and feels more in control if there is a handle for him to grip. He can then work with his support workers to achieve the effects he wishes.

Hopefully seeing Joe and Christopher means you are now inspired to also have a go!

If you would like to share what you too have created, please email your images to

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