LSC Digital Champion

14 January 2020

Ciaron Mundy 

What has been achieved?

Ciaron has recently returned to ICT sessions after a break but he is already off to a flying start gaining new technical skills in controlling the mouse pointer using the touchscreen with a stylus. Stylus use requires much concentration and fine motor control so well done Ciaron for trying this out! In his first session back, Ciaron was able to independently produce some very colourful pictures of his favourite types of sports car to take home for his bedroom wall. The creative process involved finding suitable images online for inspiration, sourcing and downloading line drawing templates and then accurately copying colours from the inspiring image to the line drawn template in the online art program 'Sumopaint'. Ciaron showed excellent focus and concentration throughout and was ably and sensitively supported by Cloe.

What equipment was used?

In the multimedia suite Ciaron uses a Hewlett Packard Intel® Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz PC with 4GB RAM running Windows 10 Professional operating system. He accesses the computer using the touchscreen, utilising software titles as well as web browsers, the Internet and media sites including YouTube.

Well done Ciaron and all the dedicated staff at Bevern View who continue to make sure he pursues his full potential!!

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