LSC Digital Champion of the Week

06 December 2019


Alfie B – Visiting Customer, South Down Housing.

What has been achieved?

Alfie has gained considerable new technical skills in controlling the mouse pointer using a stylus with the touchscreen. As a consequence he has been able to independently produce some really interesting digital art works that have made great designs for cards home to family. Using the stylus and touchscreen Alfie is also able to better access computer programs and games. The stylus has helped staff to get a better idea of what Alfie is capable of on the computer and what he understands when using different software. This improved ability to make and communicate clear and distinct choices has obvious benefits for all areas of Alfie’s life in the future.

What equipment was used?

 In the multimedia suite Alfie uses a Hewlett Packard Intel® Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz PC with 4GB RAM running Windows 10 Professional operating system. He predominately accesses the computer using a stylus and touchscreen. Alfie also enjoys using the touchscreen to access Smartboxs' ‘Sensory Eye FX’ and ‘Look to Learn’ software titles as well as web browsers, the Internet and media sites including YouTube.

Well done Alfie all the dedicated support staff from South Down Housing!

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