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Gym Update September 2020

08 September 2020

Today is World Physical Therapy Day and to mark the occasion Fitness Centre manager Dan and Gym Assistant Charles wanted to share an update as to what some of the customers at the Life Skills Centre have been up to recently in the gym. 

Guy Bike Challenge

Last week Guy (pictured) managed to reach his half marathon target of 21km which he has managed to complete using just his right leg on an assisted bike called the Thera Trainer. Guy started the challenge in January this year and has been working away even through lockdown to complete his challenge. Guy is pushing on now to complete his full marathon.

Innowalk Challenge

We now have several of our gym users working hard on our new Innowalk machine in the Life Skills Centre. We have set all of our users a challenge to walk 10km and the race is on. After every Innowalk session we add on the distance that they have completed for that session to their total distance score to keep a track of progress. We currently have a joint tie in first place between Ross and Guy who are currently neck and neck on 3km.

Sarah's Sessions

Sarah had been a regular at the gym until lockdown struck and, like many people, was in a position where she was not able to carry out as much physical activity as she could previously due to the lack of facilities and equipment available to her. After welcoming Sarah back to sessions in the summer we noticed that Sarah’s range of movement in her right arm had reduced and it was reported that she often held it in a fixed position. We have looked at increasing the right arm activity in Sarah's gym programme throughout the week by performing more assisted mobility stretches and working her right as well as left arm on a Thera Trainer arm bike. Ree (Sarah’s support worker at the Hub) has commented that over the last week Sarah is now reaching out more with her right hand and that her right arm is now more flexible. Ree also said that Sarah always appears very happy throughout the activity as she is smiling away.

Max's Sessions

Max (pictured) is a new user to the gym but has adapted really well to all of the sessions. Initially he found the gym area and activities quite over overwhelming and would not want to spend long in the gym. This has progressed over the last 2 months with Max settling very well into sessions and carrying out more exercises. Max will now regularly spend 15mins on the bike and has a challenge to complete a marathon distance of 26 miles before the end of the year. Max will also walk a circuit outside the gym which includes walking over a step block. As Max has been getting on so well with this we have increased the height of the step block and the number of repetitions. This week he managed to complete a set of six circuits and six steps.

Well done to all of the gym users from Dan, Charles and everyone at the Life Skills Centre.

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