Futures Focus - Eye Tracking Technology

03 August 2020

Computer technology is essential for learning, for communication, and for creativity. It is even more important for disabled people who may require an alternative means to access the computer.

The Futures Life Skills Centre Multimedia Suite offers fully accessible computers with the latest in Assistive Technology but increasingly one piece of technology is being requested and used more and more - eye tracking technology.

Our eye tracking technology is called Eye Gaze and it is a way of accessing the computer with just your eyes. The Tobii systems we use here follow your eyes accurately to see where you are looking on the screen. You can then select the item you are looking at by dwelling (staring at the screen for a length of time), blinking or clicking with a switch.

Eye Gaze technology supports development whilst at the same time being immediate and fun to use. It is a great tool for delivering ICT activities, and for some users represents a real step towards equality in terms of their computer access.

If you are an existing Eye Gaze user or would like to try out eye tracking technology to see what it is all about then, once we open, get in touch to arrange a session in our fully resourced ICT suite. We are sure to have something to suit your computing needs and interests.

During these times of social distancing our full time ICT Activity Co-ordinator Paul is also happy to answer any questions you may have about Eye Gaze or any other tech related topic and can be contacted via the LSC Reception by email: futureslifeskills@chf.org.uk or by phone: 01825 723 723.

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