Futures Cooking Session

16 June 2020

Last Wednesday we invited two of our Futures clients to join me in a trial cooking session here at the Life Skills Centre.

Tasha and Adam arrived and appeared happy to participate looking around and aware of several differences in the kitchen!

Obviously due to the two metre distancing rule the kitchen lay out had to be set up differently and the way of running the session had to be altered, but no problem. Each client had their own bowl and towel for hand washing, and used their own set of utensils, scales and ingredients.

We found that the session ran smoothly, taking note of the PA’s comments, opinions and ideas as they work so closely with their clients and know them so well!

During the session Tasha was well and truly hands-on. She left with a bag full of raspberry rolls, much to the delight of everyone on the bungalow!

I’m so looking forward to others joining me in the kitchen over the next few weeks, I’ve missed you all so much!

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