Digital Spotlight - Becky

23 June 2020

Who? - Becky

Becky was a student at Chailey Heritage School and subsequently a Futures resident. Prior to lockdown, Becky was travelling all the way from the Worthing area to have ICT sessions with us and has been attending the Life Skills Centre since August 2017.

ICT Activity Co-ordinator Paul Crawford comments:

"Although she is a long-term single switch user, at her request, we have also been gradually exploring ‘eye gaze’ technology as an alternative access method for Becky. It would not be possible for this to happen easily outside of her Futures Life Skills Centre sessions. Eye gaze units are still relatively expensive and require specialist skills to set-up for someone in a proper way. The opportunity to try out eye gaze and other technology before buying it is something that many customers value and represents an aspect of our service that other providers cannot always offer."

Well done, Becky!

Through your willingness to try out new things and commitment to making the most of situations you are truly an inspiration to us all at the Life Skills Centre. We look forward to welcoming you back to carry on with all the great work you've done so far over the years.

During lockdown our ICT Activity Co-ordinator Paul is happy to answer any questions you may have about any technology related topic and can be contacted via the LSC Reception by emailing or by phone on 01825 723 723.

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