Creativity Continues at Chailey Heritage

12 May 2020

Here at Chailey Heritage Foundation, the children and young people are having to practise social distancing like everyone else. It has been difficult sometimes, for young people who are so used to socialising on a daily basis, to suddenly have to keep their distance. So staff came up with some fun and creative ways to help friends keep in touch with one another and show they care.

First, everyone was given a piece of wood to make a stick doll for a friend from another bungalow who they are unable to see as regularly at the moment. They were encouraged to use their imagination to make the doll as fun and creative as possible, to make their friend smile and know that they were thinking of them.

The results were fantastic! Dolls were painted, decorated, given googly eyes and even punk hair! They were then placed around the Dream Centre at a minimum two metre distance from each other and the young people were invited to find the doll that had been made by a friend just for them. The smiles and laughter the dolls brought were just what everyone needed to remind them that each young person has a friend who cares about them.

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