Celebrating World Book Day the Chailey way

14 October 2020

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Jack came dressed as the pirate from The Pirates Next Door, and Bertie came dressed as Dirty Bertie from his favourite book. The children were treated to a sensory telling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the multi-sensory studio where they were greeted by toy bears placed around the sensory mat. The three bears and a large Goldilocks doll came to say hello, and the children were able to touch and feel the bear's fur and Goldilocks’s long, golden hair. They were then passed three different sized bowls, to feel and compare the different sizes, textures and patterns of each bowl as well as three different sized spoons.

There was delight when the children had the opportunity to place their fingers into the cool porridge, to feel the lumpy, bumpy texture while Daddy Bear exclaimed “Who has been eating my porridge?!!” Jack particularly loved this part of the story, taking the microphone to imitate the different voices, from booming Daddy bear’s voice, to squeaky baby bear’s voice!

Throughout the whole story, the teacher and carers used gentle touches to guide the children through the tale, from gentle hand walking to imitate Goldilocks walking through the woods, to gentle tummy circles to communicate that Goldilocks was hungry.

In this way, the children enjoyed this classic tale with sensory cues and props that helped them to imaginatively and creatively follow the story from beginning to end.

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