Art Celebration of the Month

23 March 2020

This month’s celebration of the month is about Rosie Le Warde for her constant enthusiasm in art. Over the three years I have worked with Rosie she has taken part in many activities ranging from using the sewing machine and the potters wheel to creating large floor pieces of art. In addition, Rosie has chosen personalized projects based upon her pet dog Smudge. This has involved making painted canvases. Tools have been adapted for Rosie to access the materials and equipment within the room. Rosie continually gets stuck in and loves getting her hands and body messy (she also loves getting everyone else around her messy too, which causes great pleasure for Rosie!) she also loves the sensory side to the sessions which give Rosie the opportunity to explore what she wishes giving her the flexibility and choice throughout each session.

Rosie is always happy with a laugh that makes everyone smile. Well done Rosie.

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