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10km Challenge Innowalk

15 December 2020

Recently in the Gym we have set a challenge for our gym customers to complete 10km on our new Innowalk machine. To make it interesting we turned it into a race to 10km between 4 of them. Each time they came in for a session they would work for 15mins on the Innowalk, whatever their distance was at the end of that 15mins was then added onto their total. Ross was victorious in this challenge, completing his 10km marginally before Christopher, Joe was then in third, followed up closely by Liam.

The Innowalk has become really popular amongst our residential customers. As this challenge has now been completed, we have now created a much greater challenge of completing a marathon distance of 26miles. To make it that much more competitive we have created a map of the London marathon so people can keep an eye on who’s leading the race.

Congratulations to Ross for winning the 10k challenge, from both Dan and Charles.

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