Mobile Magic Carpet arrives at Chailey Heritage

17 September 2020

Chailey Heritage Foundation has recently purchased a Mobile Magic Carpet from Sensory Guru. This interactive tool allows our children and young people to engage with a variety of scenarios and settings; from adventures through nature to creating their own music. By tracking motion and responding to movement, the Mobile Magic Carpet offers immediate feedback and helps users focus their learning and engagement through cause and effect and other sensory elements.

In the multi-sensory studio in our special school we have a fixed Magic Carpet, which is a popular tool with all age groups. This new mobile version offers the same applications - providing a sense of familiarity essential in education for those with additional needs - but allows us to be more flexible with its positioning and environment.

In these pictures we can see some of our young adults exploring the Mobile Magic Carpet in the immersive space in the Dream Centre. This extra level of interactivity enhances the experience in this already magical space. Once our new music studio is completed, we are looking forward to incorporating the Mobile Magic Carpet into lessons and experiences in there.

A huge thank you must go to the Hedley Foundation whose generous donation provided the funds for this purchase. Those who have used the Mobile Magic Carpet so far have been entertained and engaged in equal measure, and we can’t wait for more of our children and young people to begin their adventures.

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