Chailey's Local Llamas

18 Jul 2018

At a young adults meeting in June, some of the young adults from Willows bungalow agreed that they wanted to go to the local Llama Park. On a warm July afternoon, three young adults and their support workers planned the trip. Suncream, check! Bus key, check! Spending money, check! On arrival, each young adult bought a bag of feed, they fed the animals from their hands or by putting feed in their laps. It turns out there aren’t just Llamas at the Llama park, but Goats, Chickens, Geese, a Peacock, and Sheep, who you can see, quite liked the look of Toby’s shoe! They met the youngest addition to the llama family, little Susan, who was brown with a white mark on her forehead. As well as buying feed for the animals to enjoy, the spending money came in handy for a scone or two at the café, yummy!

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