Hanbury Students Visit Wakehurst Place

25 Apr 2018

Two of the classes form Hanbury were lucky enough to be able to participate in a Kew educational funded visit to Wakehurst this week.

We were met by Lorna and Sharon our teachers for the day who escorted us into the mansion for a wide range of activities.

Life in water involved large trays of water from the lake which we examined through a magnifying glass and a viewer which projected a really large image onto the wall. Some of the creatures were very scary looking. We then smelt a variety of plants and had to match the smell in a quiz.

Our art activities included Bark rubbings and some clay art using natural flora to make impressions onto the clay. The day ended with a musical exploration of sounds which we then used to make the sounds for a story of Wakehurst through the seasons.

We had a fantastic day and were very lucky to have two lovely teachers and that it didn’t rain until we got back to Chailey .

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