Head2Head Theatre

13 Aug 2018

We were delighted to have Head2Head Theatre come to Chailey and put on a number of exciting performances in late July.

The performances which Head2Head Theatre put on aren’t your average theatre show! They are walkabout, immersive, interactive and multi-sensory shows which include singing and Makaton signing. At CHF, they were open for children and young people with SEND and also their families.

This year, the story was ‘Peter Pan in a Pickle’ based on J M Barrie’s ‘Peter and Wendy’. Encouraging the young people to get involved, the performances included raising the pirate flag, pillow fights, mermaids and even Nana the dog!

We’re very grateful to Head2Head Theatre for coming to our site and performing for the young people and their families. We loved being part of the shows!

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