Out and About In the Community with Hanbury

05 November 2018

After a trip around Pound Land to choose items for our school panto (it’s a secret – so we can’t tell you what we bought!), we treated ourselves to a drink and some cake in Nero’s in Hayward’s Heath.

We were very impressed by the barista, Cameron, who cheerfully and patiently took our massive order - despite several changes of minds and our excitement by the Christmas drinks on offer! (Yes, we know it’s only November!) One of your young people ate a lemon cake – something he would not have tried to eat a year ago – he is demonstrating that our regular trips to eateries in the community are helping him to become a lot more adventurous! We also met a very friendly dog who came to say hello! All in all, this was a wonderful opportunity for our young people to meet people in the local community and experience different taste sensations – and make meaningful choices in both a cafe and a shop.

A lovely morning!

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