Book Club at Hanbury!

21 Sep 2018

Sue Carmichael, who Helen Dunman and Paula Marten first met at a conference in June 2018, visited two groups in Hanbury this week and delivered a magical Book Club session to two groups of students.

The students were invited to choose a story and Sue facilitated their telling of the story, through wonderfully inventive sensory materials. Each student held their own copy of the book. The session was truly inclusive – with students taking it in turns to immerse themselves in the story – there’s nothing like losing oneself in a good book…. Towards the close of the session the group even got to act out parts of the story. Keelie gave a terrific performance as the Ice Cream Lady!

This session provided evidence for a number of Next Steps around choosing, listening, reviewing, communicating with new people, turn taking, and concentrating. There were some lovely WOW moments too!

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