Tom's Gym Ultra Marathon Challenge

6 Sep 2018

Thomas is a regular gym user a the Life Skills Centre and also a massive Arsenal fan. Tom takes part in a weekly gym session and we set him a gym ultra-marathon challenge at the start of the year to complete:

26 Miles on the Hand Bike

26 Miles on the Leg Bike

1000 Lat-Pull Downs

1000 Chest Presses

1000 Bicep Curls


Thomas aims to complete all of his challenges by Christmas this year. So far Thomas has currently completed:

18 Miles on the Hand Bike

15 Miles on the Leg Bike

700 Lat-Pull Downs

700 Chest Presses

610 Bicep Curls


Thomas has made massive progress since joining the gym in the summer of 2017. Thomas initially would struggle with his range of movement and boxing but now can produce up to 50 punches in a minute with his right and left hand and has significantly increased the strength in his upper body.

Good luck with your challenge Thomas from Dan and Charles in the gym and everyone else in the Life Skills Centre at Chailey Heritage. You are well on your way to completing your amazing challenge. Keep up the hard work, you can do it.

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