Energise Yourself: Gym, Spa and Yoga

Stimulation for mind and body; Gym, Spa, Sauna and Yoga

Our modern gym is specially designed for people who have difficulty accessing a traditional facility due to a mobility, injury, learning or physical disability.

As an Inclusive Fitness accredited facility (IFI), we are ideally suited to support and motivate individuals towards their fitness and rehabilitation goals. Following a physio assesment, our specialist fitness instructor will tailor a training programme, set goals and monitor progress all in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our yoga sessions offer widely acknowledged benefits. You will be guided through a series of gentle stretching movements and breathing exercises helping flexibility, muscle strength, relaxation and much more.

Afterward your session at the gym, why not unwind and enjoy a relaxing session in the pampering spa bath and sauna or grab a well-earned coffee break at our very own GK's Café.

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