Eye Gaze

Eye gaze technology can really support learning, and can transform opportunities for mobility and communication. Currently, we do not have enough equipment for all the young people to benefit. Our aim is to raise the funds to buy 20 eyegaze computers so that we can install one in every classroom, as well as in each of our residential bungalows.

Eye gaze enables someone with limited hand or arm dexterity to use a computer by using their eyes as the mouse cursor. The in-built camera reads the position of their eyes, allowing them to take control of the screen. They can then input information, move images, make choices and control applications on computers, including those on the intenet. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities for our young people.

Each unit costs between £2,374 and £3,069 and unit consists of a computer, monitor, mounting system and adapter. The total cost of this project is £69,514.

“William is a really big fan of using the Eyegaze computer. Prior to coming here, he wasn’t using a computer at all. Above all, he really enjoys the independence it gives him because for all the time he is here, he doesn’t need to ask his support worker to do anything for him… He’s got his favourite game and he’s put a lot of time and effort into mastering it. He’s now completed it and has the highest score of anyone who comes here and plays it.”

Paul Crawford, ICT Coordinator

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