Make a Will Fortnight 2019

9 Sep 2019

9th-20th September 2019

Have you been putting off writing your Will?
If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. More than 50% of adults in the UK still haven’t got round to it. Making a Will gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be respected, and Make a Will Fortnight gives you the perfect opportunity to prepare it. 

From 9th September to 20th September you can make an appointment to have your Will written by local solicitors*, who are generously waiving their fees. Instead, all we request is that you make a donation to Chailey Heritage Foundation. Appointments are available for single Wills, a pair of mirror Wills or a Codicil.

The following solicitors are kindly participating in our Make a Will Fortnight 2019:

Solicitor Name




Griffith Smith LLP


01273 843405

Griffith Smith Conway Solicitors


01273 821577

Adams & Remers


01273 480616

JE Bennett Law

Sevenoaks and Plumpton

01732 454983

 Barwells Solicitors



01323 411505

Barwells Solicitors


01323 814010

Barwells Solicitors


01323 899331

Barwells Solicitors


01273 514213

Barwells Solicitors


01273 582271

How it works:

  • Contact one of the above participating Solicitors between 9th and 20th September to make an appointment, making sure you mention Chailey Heritage Foundation's Make a Will Fortnight when you book. (Your appointment doesn't need to take place during this time.)
  • Limited appointments are available, so do book early to avoid disappointment! 
  • Attend your appointment, taking your donation by cheque with you, payable to Chailey Heritage Foundation. If you do not have a cheque book, please contact us using the details below, for alternative options.
  • Remember, if you have to cancel or postpone your appointment, make sure you contact the solicitor in advance!

*What if I have a complex Will?
Complex Wills take a lot of a solicitor’s time and skill, and therefore are not included in this offer. Feel free to contact any of the solicitors to enquire about costs.

How much should I donate?
We have suggested the following donation amounts, which we feel reflects the time and skill of the solicitors who participate in Make a Will Fortnight.
£80 to add a Codicil to an existing Will.
£130 to prepare a single Will.
£195 to prepare a pair of mirror Will.

How could my donation make a difference?
£80 could pay for a wheelchair football and pump, so that disabled young people can enjoy the social and competitive aspects of sport.
£130 could pay for a Christmas tree and decorations for our bungalows to create a homely, festive environment for young people who live here.
£195 could fund resources for our school holiday clubs, so that young people can have fun making painting or taking part in treasure hunts during the holidays.

I have another question:
Contact the Fundraising Team at or call 01825 724 752 for a chat.

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