How Do Non Verbal Children Participate in Communication Coffee Morning

18 October 2018

Do you have some ideas for a research project on this topic?

As a potential PhD research project Katherine Buckeridge (Speech and Language Therapist at Chailey Clinical Services) is looking at developing a tool or checklist which evaluates how children who are unable to use speech participate in communication. She would like to use parent views to develop the tool. At the moment there are no commonly used tools which can be used use to record how children who are nonverbal as a result of neurodisability participate in communication. 

Some questions she would like to explore in the session include:

  • what do parents of non-verbal children think is important in terms of participation in communication?
  • what would parents find useful when discussing their child’s communication skills with other people, and what do they you think is missing in these discussions now?
  • do you have examples of things you find useful when explaining how your child communicates?
  • what type of tool do parents think would be useful for a wider population to record how nonverbal children with neurodisability participate in communication?

At a later stage there may be potential for parents to be involved in the project itself as a participant or as part of the research team if it receives funding from the National Institute of Health Research.

Thursday 18th October 10:00-12:00 Obermer 1

Please let Denise Howard know if you are able to attend ( 01825 724736).

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