We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers; they help the young people and our staff in so many ways. Before the beginning of lockdown, we asked volunteers to stay at home. This was to protect our volunteers and reduce the chances of transmission to the young people. The absence of our dedicated volunteers has reminded us, very directly, just what a difference they make.

As restrictions on movement and social distancing ease, we are assessing the risks of speficic volunteer roles and inviting some volunteers to return if they feel it is safe to do so. Sadly, this will not be possible for everyone yet but for some volunteers– where there is no contact with the young people and with proper social distancing, it will be possible. So far, we have been delighted to welcome back the volunteer gardeners to work in some but not all parts of our lovely site.

Teams are keeping in touch with their volunteers through emails and phone calls and sometimes video calls on MS TEAMs. Volunteers also receive the Chief Executive’s video updates to staff.

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