Chailey Heritage School

School remains open as it has been throughout the pandemic. We have been able to support families by taking in all pupils whose parents have requested that they come to school. Numbers are gradually increasing; nearly half pupils will attend full or part time by the end of June. School teams also support four children in the bungalows who cannot come into school, and two through our outreach service, Pathways.

The school is now planning for September and futher information will be sent to families and to Commissioners in July. What we do and how we do it will take account of government guidance and our assessment of risk based on pupils’ needs and vulnerabilities and the facilities and support available on site.

Given the extreme vulnerability of the pupils and the difficulty of social distancing, school staff wear PPE in the same way as residential support staff. Staff are trained for specific pupils’ needs so work on a rota according to the pupils who are in school each day.

The commitment from Specialist Education Assistants and teachers has been tremendous, whether in school working directly with pupils or working from home preparing work and using video calls, emails and social media.

Teachers keep in contact with pupils and their families through video sessions individually or in class groups and through regular phone calls and social media.

Specially created resources that all parents can use and recommendations from teachers about on-line resources and how to use them to meet a particular pupil’s needs help parents educate their children at home. These resources are often available to families outside Chailey Heritage through social media and our website here.

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