Chailey Heritage School

It has been wonderful to see the young people settling back into school over the last few weeks. We are of course continuing with the systems and processes evolved during lockdown, to keep everyone safe in school..

Class groups have remained the same as they were before lock down, with the same teams, barring resignations and retirement, to keep things as stable as possible. However, we have spread children and adults out, for social distancing, using areas that we wouldn’t normally use as classrooms. We have also created some separate areas for suctioning, and there are a very few children need their own room, which we have managed.

Most things have continued as we did before the summer holiday:

There will be fewer occupants of each teaching space than usual, giving greater social distance.

  • Hands-on staff will wear the appropriate PPE at all times when in contact with your child. All staff are well trained in hygiene measures.
  • When suctioning or undertaking other aerosol generating procedures, staff will wear enhanced PPE including an FFP2 mask and visor.
  • Nurses and therapists and other NHS staff will wear appropriate PPE.
  • Drop off and pick-up will be outside the buildings. Our staff will come out to receive your child, and will sanitise the wheelchair and equipment as necessary.
  • Rooms and equipment are cleaned and sanitised regularly. Children will not share items such as toys and books. Larger items, for physiotherapy for example, are disinfected thoroughly between users.
  • Parents will be asked to keep their child at home if they or their child has any Covid symptoms.
  • Staff and parents are asked to social distance when in the community.
  • Any member of staff with symptoms will isolate and access a test as soon as possible.
  • We keep staff movement around the site, and contact with other adults and children as minimal as possible.
  • Visitors are kept to an absolute minimum and, if there is a necessary visit, they are required to wear PPE and keep a safe distance from any children.

We hope these measures have been reassuring for families.

We are of course constantly monitoring the current guidance and will make any adjustments if necessary.

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