The Foundation’s six residential bungalows have continued to be home for 26 young people who are pupils in school or part of our Futures’ transition service for young adults. Our incredible support staff and the NHS nursing team from Chailey Clinical Services have put the interests of the young people first to ensure their daily lives are as close to ordinary as usual. There have been a number of special events arranged on site for our young people, such as a virtual edition of our annual Celebration Day and ‘Chailey Fest’ taking place in mid-August offering a wide range of fun activities such a tattoo stand, glow sticks and a social distanced live band!

Frequent video calls kept families and residents in touch during the weeks when the site was closed to all visitors. Parental visits are taking place in a cautious, measured way and all visits currently take place away from the bungalows in other areas of the site, parents must follow our guidance strictly and wear PPE as requested.

Plans to open visiting arrangements further in September and October will depend on local transmission rates and we are monitoring the ever changing situation very closely.

One of the most difficult decisions at the beginning of lockdown was to close our short break services. As a result of COVID-19, our capacity to offer short breaks is significantly reduced. As a result, it has been necessary to adapt the pattern of short breaks and change our offer to families. You can read our statement about short breaks here.

Re-opening short breaks is one of the most challenging aspects of easing lockdown and we are monitoring this very closely following local and national guidance and advice as the safety of our young people is paramount.

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