Communication Matters Conference 2018

12 Sep 2018

Helen Dunman and Paula Marten attended the annual Communication Matters conference at Leeds University from the 9th to 11th September. They gave a poster presentation on the theme of Leadership – focussing on the creative and innovative ways in which teachers in the Hanbury Dept help their students to develop leadership skills.

Listening to the experiences of parents at the CM workshops in 2018 helped Helen and Paula to re-define their thinking about the need for CHF students to learn to be leaders. Each and every student who leaves Chailey Heritage should have the opportunity to recognise themselves as an individual who has the right to make, and communicate, their wants and needs to the team(s) who are supporting them – making choices and decisions is a central part of adult life. Through Communication sessions, Drama and Music, students in Hanbury have explored what it means to be a leader, and put this into practice in all kinds of different ways.

Helen and Paula’s presentation attracted a lot of interest and was a great opportunity for them both to meet with professionals from Special Education from all over the UK. The ‘Bants’ pages in the CCS books – where students decide on their own personal banter/favourite expressions, with CCS books designed to support this - were a key feature of the poster presentation.

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