Would you Adam and Eve it?

15 Jan 2018

Some of the young people in Hanbury enjoyed a fabulous day out in London this week. Six young people and their carers caught trains from Haywards Heath station to London Victoria, thanks to the support of the station staff helping us on and off the trains with ramps.

The sun shone as we left Victoria station and walked towards Westminster Abbey to join in a performance of Cockney rhyming slang of the Bible given by Keith Park, co-author of ‘Social cognition through drama and literature for people with learning disabilities: Macbeth in mind’ and author of ‘Interactive storytelling’. The whole performance was signed and everyone was encouraged to join in – and did – with great gusto! Keith used a call and response method, in which he rhythmically called out a line and it was repeated by everyone in the Abbey! Each story had a final line, usually ‘Amen – innit’! The young people were very inspired to sign these words! (there were at least 10 other special schools there).

All our young people totally exceeded all expectations by coping with being in a completely different place, with different people and travelling on trains! From the expressions upon their faces we could tell that they had had a great time - topped off by one of the young people saying ‘best day, go again’ as soon as she arrived back at Haywards Heath!

In other words: some of the diamond geezers from Hanbury had a kushti day and a bit of a giraffe in the big smoke!

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